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Saturday, October 19, 2013



Since I know how many people that I'm interested in numbers. As a child drew the numbers and discovered them phrases and shapes as if they were people.

I was educated in a convent school and a strict Catholic upbringing could not silence the language of numbers, which I always connected the events of my life.

Numbers were my first trust in the order of the universe, my understanding of the world and sometimes my only comfort in difficult times, because since I was born I was "different".

Later, between my twenties and thirties, I began to "throw letters" and interpreted them by following the numbers. It was a "science" which provided as exact dates of events and "described" the events themselves.

Only discovered in 2007 because I am well and finally joined all the pieces of the puzzle when I met Kryon.

I cried tears of joy while reading the channels Kryon Kryon when deciphering the numbers ...

If I was reading this was changed because finally understood who I AM and I'm here on Earth.

Now, times are within learning for all, and I think that finally we can put out whatever was only a few understand.

Increasingly people "see" numbers, not only on the clock, but on all sides that poisam look and "feel" that the repetition of certain numbers can be a sign.

The numbers we use are of Arab origin. This is what we learn in school ...

Wrong ... Our Creators and used these numbers along with some ancient languages are one of the legacy they left us.

According to the Kabbalists and other esoteric societies, more or less secret, the numbers have power and hidden meaning.

It's true, and when we see them everywhere we can trust that they are messages from our spirit guides, ie, ourselves, on another level of existence in dimensions "higher", or rather, more refined energies messages.

For all this, it is in our interest to know to interpret these signs, these messages.

Meaning of key numbers:

0 - The ZERO symbolizes infinity. There is a curious image of the Virgin in the Cathedral of the O Santarem that Virgin is pregnant with God. The ZERO is also one of the representations of God.

1 - The A is unity, the beginning and end of all, God is All-or what-is. All figures relate to this number bowing.

2 - The number TWO is duality, everything that has to do with the matter. Represents two forces that attract and repel each other because they are the mirror of the other.

3 - The number Three represents the Trinity, the three divine aspects of God that are the Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer. These aspects are best understood by examining the Hindu Trinity. The Creator is Brahma, Vishnu is the One who holds the Order of the World and Shiva is the Destroyer.

I will explain the role of Shiva because of other Gods is evident ...

Shiva, however, is poorly understood and interpreted. Shiva is allowing us to ascend to free us from the shackles of the material world. It is he who transmutes the dense energies and only He can make room for more subtle energies.

It corresponds to the Angel of Death in certain circles. Character also much feared and misunderstood.

The Christian Trinity is made by the Creator, Son and Holy Spirit.

When I was much younger, while my colleagues had fun with other "things", I had the habit of meditating on correspondence to this Trinity Hindu Trinity ...

At the time, did not come to a conclusive outcome but, now ... About the Creator Son and there is no doubt, are Brahma and Vishnu respectively, only one left, the Holy Spirit.

You need to detach ourselves from the material to achieve the Holy Spirit, is simple, but we have to "understand" the flesh ... ;))

On the physical plane acts as a catalyst. Before there appears a change this number.

4 - FOUR The structure and is also represents the Earth. It is a structured person, sometimes too much. Represents the security for herself and others around you.
5 - FIVE is Change. Who owns it can count on the permanent change in body and soul. After all are the times in which we live.

6 - The SEIS is communication with God and is water on the physical plane. It is considered the first issue of God.

7 - SEVEN represents the union of the microcosm with the macrocosm. It is the second number of God.

8 - EIGHT represents Divine Manifestation. The Earth is also associated with this number as the Divine Being.

9 - NINE represents Completion. It's the number this season, as it gives the finalization of a Paradigm to start another.

10 - The Ten represents the Work to be done.

11 - The ELEVEN lighting means. Is the number of the new paradigm. Is the number of the Spirit.

12 - The Twelve is the number of House. Is the number of our house as Cosmic Beings of Light incarnate as humans. Represents the 12th dimension where lies the Christ Energy.

13 - THIRTEEN is like a magic wand. People who have it in their Numerology can actually modify the other. Are very influential. It's like the sun around which the others revolve ...

22 - The TWENTY TWO numerological is adopted by all those who have chosen the path of duality to evolve. We all did, but there are few who chose a kind of "Via Dolorosa", in which, while requiring much structure through self-discipline, must learn to free themselves from the conventions established by the Human Society. It is hard, not easy, because it also came to serve their brothers. The two in front of the two, is also two conflicting points of view which nevertheless complement.

33 - The THIRTY-THREE is the number Christi for excellence in the physical. It is the age at which Jesus died and is double the number of divinity. Tell us the Son of the Father To be the number of the Cosmic Christ would be 333 which speaks of the Holy Spirit of the Son of the Father

144 - THE HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR is described in the Apocalypse of St. John: "... Those who are close to the Throne, whose white robes are washed in the Blood of the Lamb ..."
The white robes represent purity and these are they that came to serve humanity with complete awareness. Are those who hold the power of the Earth, with access to all information on the functioning of the Universe.

There is talk of Sanat Kumara, who came from Venus with these Beings 144,000 in altruistic mission to the evolution of our planet. The interesting thing is that it is a "legend" and ancient civilizations recurring in many around the planet Earth.

What is known of this "legend" is that these beings have a different genetic code there are some religions want to preserve the "Pure Blood" a vision too materialistic and reductionist.

As we evolve, our whole body is changing and this is available to everyone , but has not yet been fully achieved by this 1% of the breed ...

333 - It's one of the numbers by which "we" when we ascend. Represents the energy of the Cosmic Christ. Jesus Christ said that we all have to pass by him to go to the Father is what it means in the process of Ascension, contacted with all this energy to which all humans belong.

666 - This is a number with a bad reputation. No wonder, it means that the Being who hit already and do not need the Masters is finally free, something very frowned upon by priests and hierarchy prevailing in any Age until today.

Is the number of the Master, that this Being hit Perfect communication with the Divine in Body, Mind and Spirit.

All this being understood and know it's only Master of himself is the Captain of your Soul.

No longer has the desire to influence others and therefore rejects the authority that others will recognize.

Wisdom and Peace is immense this Buddhahood.

Interpretation of complex numbers:

These numbers are usually warning individual, only for you to see them.

11:11 - It's a hello Spirit, warning that all is well. Everything in order in the universe.

11:09 - Finishing the lighting. It is also the number associated with the fall of the twin towers in NY and all the symbolism that this event represents. 

11:19 - Early Termination of Enlightenment ... it appears to me often lately. It refers to the warning that a step is complete and another begins. 

15:15 - Notice of a change is taking place.

From these examples longer able to interpret the like. 

Your name in numbers:

There are many examples on the Internet, choose the one that best fit you, the one with which resonates best ...

What I do is to match a letter to a number. For example A = 1, B = 2, and so on ...

After taking the person's full name and replace the numbers add up. The number obtained is only one, the sum is not equal to 11, 22:33. These three numbers have a meaning of its own and keep.

But, for example, we ANA 1 1 3 equals 5 but this sequence 131 may give us a clue about the person, following what I explained earlier.

Incidentally, that name so simple and so powerful ... ;))

Other examples in books for download:

The Kabbalah Numerology:


The Hebrew Gematria:


Tree of Life or Ièsod
As a curiosity, put your name here and see the results:
This book explains more:

The numbers in Astrology:

There is another point of view to explore about the numbers but it is so special that ... I'll do it in another post.


Note: This post is number 68, 6 and 8 communication Divine Divine Manifestation and as the sum gives 14 = 5 I hope that makes a difference ie the change ... lol ...


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