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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dew Designs of Tumble weed Tiny Houses

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Plans Redesign

by Kent Griswold on October 20th, 2013. Add a Comment

Over the last couple of months I have been visiting Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and have had the opportunity to get know Meg Stephens, Tumbleweed's tiny house designer and discuss with her, Steve Weissmann, and Debby Richmond some exciting new changes coming to the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. One of the big changes is to the designs, with some new options as well as new names to some familiar faces in the line up. Steve has shared with me below an outline of the changes and also included some floor plans and photos to go along with it. You will see these on the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company's website in the next few days and I wanted to make sure you heard about it here.

I am using the new Elm as an example. Several pictures of the Elm 18 Overlook (formerly Walden) and then the different floor plan options.

Elm 18 Overlook

Elm 18 Overlook

Summary by Steve Weissmann

Over the past year Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has made a real effort to address the top wants our customers had in a tiny home. In particular, we found that people wanted more flexibility in house exteriors and interiors. Beginning this week, we will expand our lineup with 15 new floor plans, from six to 21 total homes. We also are offering "larger" tiny homes, adding many 20 and 24 foot models to our 18 foot originals.We have renamed our offerings to make it easier for builders and buyers to shop for exactly what they want and need, and to select different floor plans with their favorite exterior facades.

As we roll out now, there will be 21 ready made houses ready to order and deliver throughout the Continental U.S. For tiny home builders, we will introduce much-improved plans available for five homes, including our most popular models now. (More will arrive on site every month as well.) In celebration, Tumbleweed will run a $100-off sale from site roll out through Election Day, Tuesday, November 5th (Midnight, PST).

Elm 18 Overlook Great Room

Elm 18 Overlook Great Room

Here's a few highlights about the new homes:
All our homes can have dormers which allow for a king size bed upstairs.
We now have 14 floor plans with downstairs bedrooms.
We have new homes that are 20′ long and 24′ long allowing for more space
Bigger kitchens, ovens, and flexible shelving have all been added.

Major Improvements Between Tumbleweed's Four Walls

When customers were building or buying ready made homes, Tumbleweed was frequently approached with ideas and changes that made sense. Keeping one standard floor plan encased in a specific facade was limiting! After extended work, we developed more flexible living spaces and comfort. Here are home improvements worth spotlighting:

  • Sleeping arrangements are plentiful. Most homes have lofts for two adults, and now there are dormers included or optional to increase space and comfort upstairs. Yet many buyers asked for main-level sleeping and we have delivered a second bedroom in some plans, as well as room for a Murphy bed. Now we sleep two to four in the larger tiny homes.
  • Kitchens are a hot-button as well. For the kitchen-centric, there are nice spaces in the back or in the great room. You're able to cook with electric or propane gas cooktops, and it's possible to have a real oven. The sink is larger, though the refrigerator-freezer unit remains under the counter. You can have beautiful counters in steel or butcher block.
  • Feeling the upgrades. In Tumbleweeds, the R20 rating is three times more than code requires and our insulation controls temperatures well. Beyond a great heating system, we have added air conditioning to all models. The bathrooms now have a sink, to accompany the toilet and full shower. It's nice to feel comfortable at home.
  • Options and more options. Tumbleweed sells homes, so it made sense to offer external options related to wood cladding, shutters, windows and colors. There are both cork and bamboo flooring options and paint colors. Other options include different shelving units and bookcases. Some homes take advantage of a portico to create even more internal space. These options make a big difference to tiny dwellers, when building or ordering a home.
Elm 18 Overlook Kitchen

Elm 18 Overlook Kitchen

New names
At this stage, you may wonder what happened to our iconic Tumbleweed house-to-go models. Our popular and original Walden, Fencl, Lusby and Popomo designs have not disappeared! They have simply been given new names, to join their respective exterior facade family and to accommodate expanded choices.
If you look in the buyer guide, you'll get a good sense of how we did the naming. All the names come from mother nature. Our "cabin" look homes like the Fencl and Lusby are named after trees whereas the Popomo is named after the element Mica.
Here's the decoder ring:

  • Walden – Elm 18' Overlook
  • Fencl – Cypress 18' Overlook
  • Lusby – Elm 18' Equator
  • Popomo – Mica 20' Clear

The interior floorplans are repeated through the different models. Each floor plan has it's own name.

  • Clear – provides one-level living complete with a twin-sized bedroom, separate kitchen and bath, and great open views.
  • Equator – offers a loft and downstairs sleeping quarters. The downstairs sleeping area sits next to the bathroom, and opens to the great room with kitchen area.
  • Horizon – also offers a loft and downstairs sleeping quarters. The bathroom separates the downstairs sleeping area from the great room with kitchen area.
  • Arise – features a sleeping loft and downstairs Murphy bed option. The kitchen area is in the back of the home and next to the bathroom, leading to the great room.
  • Overlook – maximizes open, great room living. Sleeping quarters are up in a loft, while the kitchen area is in the back of the home and next to the bathroom.

Thank you,
Steve Weissmann
Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Elm 18 Overlook Bathroom

Elm 18 Overlook Bathroom

Elm 18 Overlook Loft

Elm 18 Overlook Loft


Elm 18 Equator

Elm 18 Overlook

Elm 20 Equator







Natural Log Rv's

by Kent Griswold on July 14th, 2008. 14 Comments

Natural Log Rv's are an alternative for our Canadian neighbors who are interested in owning a Tumbleweed or Tortoise Shell Home but can't afford to have them shipped to Eastern Canada. Built in Ford Bank, New Brunswick, Canada by Ron Hessel, the Natural Log Rv's are pioneering in the field of Log Rv's.

These units are designed to be used year round, with fully equipped kitchens, cooking facilities, sleeping quarters, full cathedral ceilings exposed hand crafted beam work, wood fire places, power independence and much more….


Sitting on steel trailers, these units are four season friendly, and require no extra taxes when parked on any property. Imagine a portable unit increasing in value instead of decreasing…  Everything changes when you step into the world of portable log cabins!

They have two models to choose from, "The Beak Away" and "The Stay Away."

My favorite is "The Stay Away" which you can see a few pictures of here. I contacted Natural Log Homes and they are very busy building full size homes and lodges at the moment but promised to get back to me in the near future to give me more information on pricing etc. They also make a mobile cabin which would also work if you have a piece of land to park it on.

If you are interested in one of these go to the Natural Log Homes web site and contact them for complete details.




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