Your Garden will not green-grow
-if you do not water it properly-

Monday, June 16, 2014

Collection about Tiny Houses and Tiny Housing

Big Sky Retreat Yurt

Scott Evans shared his Big Sky Retreat in a post on the Tiny House Blog a year or so ago. His 17 year old daughter Alison "Red" Evans recently filmed an excellent video on the retreat that I wanted to share with you. The yurt building is mainly constructed out of scrap scaffold boards, pallets and timber from the builders merchants. It cost around £10,000 (about $15,979) not including labour time.  […] Continue Reading »


Tina Larkin and her Purple HarpMobile

I'm a musician, visual artist, traveler and dog lover. As long as I can remember, I've always been interested on living simply and having a small carbon print upon the Earth. I always wanted some sort of teardrop or small RV in order to have a home on wheels. […] Continue Reading »


Living on the Grid in a Tiny Space

I have always been intrigued by small spaces and when I was stationed in West Berlin in the early 80's, I noticed that the people there had little "Gardenplatz" structures in a certain area in the city specifically set aside for that. These were little cabins in a fenced in area where the owners could take a little holiday and do some gardening. They grew flowers and vegetables there. […]  Continue Reading »


Tiny Red

How I stumbled upon the Tiny House Blog I don't remember, but I became fixated with all the darling miniature houses and happy, free-spirited people living in them. I could not believe that houses could be built on wheels. Such a great idea! I pictured myself living in one, imaging where my furniture would go. Each day, I eagerly devoured the stories. […]  Continue Reading »

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Your Garden will not green-grow
-if you do not water it properly-