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Thursday, October 24, 2013



                  passage interdimensional crystalline
The Mineral Kingdom is as important as the Animal Kingdom and the Kingdom of Plants. Both complement each other and help each other.
Still there is the impression that the stones are "less vivid" that animals and plants. In fact rarely see them grow, and die, but this just means that your life time and form of expression is different from the other kingdoms.
To our likeness, the stones are also manifestations of other higher dimensions.
Including time capsules, the stargates and interdimensional passages (aka wormhole) - that make bridges or links between different dimensions and universes - could not exist without this mineral kingdom in their versions 4D and 5D.

If you notice, and this has been evident, although few have reflected on this, the time capsules are always in rock caves "smooth", which was glazed , or crystallized. The vibrations of the crystals contained therein are "stops" in 4D, and the matter within this circle of crystals, hardly wears for thousands of years, it is little visited by humans or other beings.

                              Cromlech Almendres
As for stargates are manifestations 5D crystals and / or megalithic rock formations, some / few present on Earth but also on other planets in our star system, or even from other planets constellations.
These portals are meeting places of beings in countless backgrounds and almost always vastly different energies at both as in "color." The more distant is the portal, on the earth, the greater probability of finding beings so different from us ...
Some of you have dreamed about, consciously or traveled to a kind of bell-shaped craft, inside which they found a huge room with very high ceilings. This "ship", on the outside, has a dark blue-green color. This color corresponds to the signature of Stargate closest to Earth.

As we climbed our energy level of the heart chakra, it is common to have an experience of this kind, in which we find numerous Beings belonging to the Christ energy.  
The interdimensional passages that allow us to move from one dimension to another and from one universe to another, are possible due to small crystals that possess the pineal gland .
These small crystals bind to the crystal lattice energy of the Earth and from this network can be accessed to these passages. The closest are in 4D yet. A common case is the first visit to the Akashic record I did, "stood" in a room that had been noted that much used. I decided to this "place" through a passage interdimensional.
There are other "rooms" for accessing the register Akashic, which are also physical, or crystal are built and at the same time are in two different dimensions. I'm being cryptic on purpose ... lol

                        Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico
I can tell you they are gorgeous, shine and really feel that they are living through the crystals that form.
The year 2014 will be the International Year of Crystallography by decision of the General Assembly of the United Nations in recognition of the importance of crystallography for understanding the nature and impact of science in today's world.
Why such importance?
One might think that it is only due to the evolution of alternative medicines ... But not only that: some scientific Nobel prizes were awarded thanks to the work related to crystals or crystalline structures .
More: some of these scientists continue to develop projects with crystals that seem science fiction.

One of the latest projects is about creating a crystal that changes spatially and temporally. That is, while it grows spatially their basic crystal structure rotates continuous motorcycle .
Scientists ask themselves what is the practical application of this temporal property. I see two: continuous production of clean energy and free and another, equally or more important, the storage and distribution of intelligent information, adapted to each situation and each individual.
This will be the new technological paradigm of the Aquarian Age. We already have the idea and this is being studied ... very soon we will have news ... J
Creating Crystal Light that store information and energy is a very old thing, time of Lemuria.
This creation will again be using several different techniques used by many different people.
The purpose of this post is not to speak of the crystals, as they have been used in alternative therapies "normal" is to open your mind to something that has been hidden for eons.

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Your Garden will not green-grow
-if you do not water it properly-